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Taiwan 2020 American praises Taiwan's employment gold card

2020-07-01 18:04
Michael Bowcutt, Taiwan office manager of Utah-based software and factory automation service provider, decided to move his family to Taiwan after developing work contacts between the two countries.

Taiwan's leading position in Asia's semiconductor industry, an area in which his company is involved, and the convenient and nice living environment were the reasons behind his decision to move. He recently got Taiwan's employment gold card -- a combination of work permit and resident certificate -- described the application process was smooth and easy.

After applying through the "Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform" website, Bowcutt brought his wife and two children to Taiwan to for their new life, including finding a place to live. Bowcutt was granted an employment gold card, which comprises a work permit, resident visa, Alien Resident Certificate and re-entry permit, and his family was granted residency in Taiwan. The ease with which it was possible to apply for National Health Insurance and settle in was a pleasant surprise to Bowcutt.

The government officer said that the one-stop application service for foreign professionals in certain areas seeking to work in Taiwan as a part of its plan to attract overseas professionals. The areas covered under the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent that took effect on Feb. 8, 2018 are science & technology, the economy, education, culture, the arts, sports and other fields designated by the central government.

According to an earlier statement released by the National Development Council, Taiwan had issued 781 gold cards as of the end of May, 2020.