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Taiwan 2020 Taiwan central bank president receives grade A in global report

2020-10-14 18:16

Taiwan central bank president receives grade A in global report


The Taiwan central bank president, Yang Jinlong, received the A-level evaluation for the second consecutive year in an annual report issued by the New York-based Global Finance magazine.

He mentioned that Taiwan government has done a good job in epidemic prevention, thus, Taiwan’s exports and economic growth have performed well and the central bank’s monetary policy run smoothly. This is the result of the joint efforts by government administrative team and the bank.

Global Finance Magazine has published the evaluation of central bank presidents every year since 1994. A total of 10 central bank presidents won the highest level of A-level honors this year which include Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru and South Korea.

Global Finance Magazine evaluates the monetary policy performance of the central bank presidents for major countries. The scoring standards range from A to F. A represents the highest honor of "excellent" and F represents "failed." The evaluation criteria include inflation control, economic growth, currency stability, interest rate management and other indicators.

The achievements of Taiwan’s central bank’s monetary policy have also been affirmed in the past. Former central bank president, Peng Huainan, received a grade A for the first time in 2000. Later, from 2005 to 2017, Peng Huainan received grade A for 13 consecutive years, becoming the world’s only president who got 14 times of grade A.