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Hong Kong 2020 Apostille Service by Hong Kong High Court

2020-10-23 15:36

Apostille Service by Hong Kong High Court


Apostille is a common way to proof of documents and recognition of foreign law systems. This procedure in international commercial and civil legal matters as usual, and the power to enforce document verification is generally exercised by a higher-level authority.

The High Court Apostille service which under The Hague Apostille Convention (under Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961, in French Convention de La Haye) is also called international notarization which refers to the second-level certification issued by the national government agencies, and the certification of the original certification, and the seal is stamped or labeled. The Hague certification can be used in any member of the Hague Convention and in a short period of progressing time.

The office under Hong Kong High Court to providing the apostille service called Apostille Service Office. Also, only 2 categories of documents to be accepted for apostille: -

1. The public document issued by the HKSAR Government recognized office with a true signature.

2. The documents for (i) Power of Attorney or (ii) Certified True Copy signed by the Notary Public or the declaration by a Commissioner for Oaths in Hong Kong