Hong Kong 2020 Opening of Bank account - Branch Office in Hong Kong

2020-11-13 12:08

Opening of Bank account - Branch Office in Hong Kong

For the overseas entity, it can register itself in Hong Kong to carry out business activities and it can be extended such as parent company to fully responsible for all of debts and liabilities.

Same with the limited company in Hong Kong, Branch Office available to have a bank account in Hong Kong and not much restriction for apply bank account.

In general, Bank will check with the company of KYC and KYB to understand the business such as:

1. The reason of register Non-Hong Kong Company and bank account in Hong Kong;

2. It is a legitimate business of the company.

Documents required for bank account opening

1. Corporate Documents

▶ Certificate of Registration of Non-Hong Kong Company

▶ Business Registration Certificate

▶ Form NN1 – Application for Registration as Registered Non-Hong Kong Company (if registered below 1 year); or

▶ Form NN3 – Annual Return of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company (if registered more than 1 year)

▶ Certified Memorandum of Articles of Association (or equivalent)

2. Identification documents and residential address proof (within 3 months) of all of director, shareholder, beneficiary owner, authorized representative and authorized signatory

3. Business proof

▶ Corporate’s recent bank statement and financial statement

▶ 2-3 sets of trading documents (invoice, packing list with bill of lading, payment records under same transaction)

▶ Catalogue Brochure, Leaflets, Company Website etc.

Estimate time frame

The whole procedure around 1 month once Bank approved preliminary review and completed interview.

The above information of type of business proof and estimate time table may different with each of Bank and case by case.