2020-11-23 11:03


All Singapore-registered companies with paid-up capital of $0.5 million and above will mandatory to become members of the SBF. Annual subscription fee will be applied.

SBF members fall under three categories: Statutory Members, Constituent Members and Associate Members, with 12 of the major chambers of commerce and business associations in Singapore represented as Constituent Members. SBF members represent the top 20 per cent of companies in Singapore.

SBF is committed to helping businesses grow by providing valuable opportunities for networking. Overseas trade missions are organised regularly and members can participate in these overseas trade exhibitions and fairs. SBF members will also have the opportunity to attend meetings with visiting overseas trade representatives, delegates and diplomats to help them identify and seek business and investment opportunities.  In addition, feedback sessions and networking events are held regularly as a platform for members to identify new business opportunities.

Membership Exemption

Any local company or foreign company is eligible for an exemption if the company did not have any employee for a specific period. The company can submit Form E and others supporting documents to apply the exemption.

Note: Exempted companies will not enjoy any SBF membership benefits during the year of exemption. A company which qualifies for membership exemption will need to apply for exemption annually by the stipulated deadline, failing which the annual subscription fee will apply.