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Taiwan Incentives Attract more than NTD 1 Trillion to Taiwan

2021-01-13 11:44
The government of Taiwan launched three major incentive programs as below in 2019. The programs have attracted over 500 companies and NTD 1 trillion in investment, and they will also create 118,000 job opportunities in Taiwan.

1. Action plan for welcoming overseas Taiwanese businesses to return and invest in Taiwan.
Taiwanese companies in China have affected by the US(United States)-China Trade War and have been operating at least two years will be qualified to apply for various incentives.

2. Program to help Large-sized domestic corporations with no history of business in China.
It is aimed to certain innovative industries with no enough history of business in China. The government also provides same incentives as the action plan above.

3. Plan to accelerate investment by small and medium-sized enterprises.
The incentives mainly focus on finance supporting and loan to local small and medium-sized enterprises.
For land demand, industrial manpower, supply of water and electricity, and taxation services, as long as the Taiwanese manufacturers have demand, Ministry of Economic Affairs prom- ised and will provide the assistance to them.