Hong Kong 2021 Certificate of Continuing Registration

2021-01-15 12:21

Certificate of Continuing Registration

May third party will request your company to provide the corporate documents when dealing for business or overseas development. Except for the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate, the company may apply for a Certificate of Continuing Registration ("CCR").

CCR is a certificate issued by the Companies Registry (“the Registry”) to certify that the company named in the certificate is a local company or a registered non-Hong Kong company incorporated or registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance and the company remains registered in the Companies Register as at the date of issue of the CCR. The current name and the date of incorporation or registration of the company will be shown on the CCR.

However, a CCR is not a replacement of the Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration of Non-Hong Kong Company issued to a company under the Companies Ordinance and it is an official document evidencing the continuing registration of a company with the Companies Registry.

A CCR is widely accepted by local and overseas authorities or institutions as proof of continuing registration of a company.