Singapore 2021 Updating Company Particulars to IRAS

2021-09-13 16:55
Change of Company Name and Registered Address

When a company has changed its name and/ or registered office address, the change is to be filed with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) online via

There is no need to inform or update IRAS separately of the change in name or address. IRAS will update its records based on the information filed with ACRA on a weekly basis as follows:

Correspondence Address vs. Registered Office Address

Under the law, IRAS is required to send all Income Tax Forms and notices to the registered address of the company. IRAS is unable to send the forms and notices to a correspondence address that is not your company's registered address as per ACRA's records. If you wish to receive the forms and notices at a correspondence address other than the current registered address, you have to update the correspondence address as the company's registered address with ACRA.

Updating IRAS Directly for Urgent Matters

If you are expecting a tax refund or correspondence from IRAS shortly (i.e. within the next two weeks from the date of filing the change of particulars with ACRA) such that the change in your company's name and/ or address must be updated in IRAS' record immediately, please send IRAS an email via myTax Mail with the information/ documents stated in the table below.

Particulars that have been changedInformation/ documents to be provided to IRAS
Name·       Company's tax reference number;

·       Company's name before the update with ACRA;

·       Company's new name that has been updated with ACRA; and

·       A copy of ACRA's email notification on change of name of your company or a copy of Biz Profile extracted from ACRA.
AddressCompany's tax reference number;

Company's name; and

Company's new address that has been updated with ACRA.

There is no need to submit any supporting documents to IRAS.