Hong Kong Patent Application Grant ("PAG")

2020-09-08 12:40

Patent Application Grant ("PAG")

To assist local companies and individuals to apply for patents of their own inventions.

The grant can be used in applying for patents in or outside Hong Kong.

Target applicant

First-time patent seekers who would like to apply for functional patents and inventions with technology element and susceptible of industrial application, excluded Cosmetic designs

The implementation agent - the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) will first conduct a patent search-cum-technical assessment to ensure that there is a reasonable chance of obtaining patent.



1. Any individuals or companies who have never owned any patents in any countries or territories before; and

2. All locally incorporated companies according to Company Ordinance Chapter 622; or

3. Hong Kong permanent residents or Hong Kong residents permitted to remain in Hong Kong for not less than 7 years which/who should be the sole inventor or one of the joint inventors of the invention


Document requirement

1. Two copies of Completed application form to HKPC and Innovation and Technology Commission
(ITC); and

2. A crossed cheque of HK$3,000 made payable to “Hong Kong Productivity Council” ; and

3. A photocopy of HKID card and address proof for individual applicant; or

4. A photocopy of the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, and Incorporation Form (Form NNC1) or Annual Return (Form NAR1) and address proof filed with the Companies Registry for company applicant

Funding Amount

HK$250,000 at maximum or 90% of total cost of patent application, whichever is the less
It covers :-
1. The cost for patent search-cum-technical assessment
2. Administration fee charged by HKPC which is approximately 20% of the total cost involved in patent application
3. Other direct costs involved in the patent application process

What is the requirement for the appointment of patent agent(s) under
the PAG?

If the application is approved, the applicant has to appoint a patent agent to handle the patent application.
Check out the link below:-

Application Procedure & Timeframe

It may take about  6-9 months to go throgh the following steps:-

1. Receive application form
2. Assess the accuracy of the information in the application form
3. Identify if the information is sufficient to start the patent search-cum–technical
4. Determine if the invention has sufficient novelty
5. Conduct face-to-face interview with the inventor(s) in person in Hong Kong
6. Conduct patent search-cum-technical assessment
7. Obtain a search report. For the search report provided by the applicant, the
applicant should provide original or certified true copy of the search report for
8. Conduct assignee search
9. Recommend to the Innovation and Technology Commission to approve or reject
the application (the decision of the Commission is final)

Application deadline 

Open for application throughout the year