Taiwan 2021 Taiwan first time allows tax filing via smartphone

2021-05-06 11:56
For the first time, Taiwan taxpayers have been given the option to file their taxes via mobile devices, which is expected to shorten the process to maybe just 5 minutes.

As the tax-filing season was started from May 1st, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) introduced the new smartphone filing option to Taiwan residents. By using the new method, taxpayers are required to input their phone number, ID number (or Alien Resident Certificate number) and National Health Insurance (NHI) card number on the MOF's tax-filing platform. The next step is to confirm the tax information, such as income amount, deductions and exemptions, displayed on their mobile devices.

By using this new method, however, taxpayers cannot adjust the displayed information. Those who need to make changes will need to access the MOF's tax filing system via computers.

According to MOF data, 230,000 people had completed the tax returns by May 2nd, in which, around 50% taxpayers chose the mobile phone filing.

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