Korchina Group

Korchina Group

Korchina Group has grown up with a very dynamic history since it launched the logistics business in 1994.
Starting from Hong Kong-based forwarder, Korchina has expanded its service territories to the global market

Currently, Korchina Group

Along with 52 overseas branches and over 1,000 staff over the world, we have generated over USD200 millions of sales revenue yearly.
Beside logistics business, Korchina Group has also developed non-logistics business such as airline GSA business(general sales agent), accounting and booking-keeping service, insurance brokerage and e-commerce platform.

This successful outcome results from clients’ satisfaction and strong relationship.
We always put first priority on a tailor-made solution to match with their demand.
And we are eager to innovate our work process through the creative and challenging mind.

We would much appreciate it if you give us the opportunity to prove our competence.

Best Regards

Eric E.K. Sun
Managing Director
Korchina Logistics Holding Limited.

Korchina TNC 20th anniversary

동영상 플레이

Global Network

Head Office
Laemchabang, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Korchina Belgium, P.R. EU
  • Building 706 Box 30 (Room 7309), 1931 Brucargo, Belgium