Hong Kong Virtual Office

For the company which newly established business or carrying the fresh startup business with a limited budget, it can imagine that difficult to own your physical office.
We’re offering the Virtual Office service which is a customized office administration service for the company operating without an actual office in Hong Kong and giving you all the benefits of a traditional office, help to make it perfect of establishing a business in the early stage to minimize cost.

Key feature

  • The office address is located at the A-grade commercial building, enhance your company image
  • Providing mail receiving service, unique phone and fax number for your company
  • Phone answering service by a secretary with a professional manner
  • Immediate direct call transfer and message reporting
  • An online e-fax system without the restrictions in time and space
  • Welcome to access our conference room with prior booking

Virtual Office Package

ServicePackage 1Package 2Package 3Package 4
Mailing Management Service
– Prestigious Correspondence addressOOOO
– Receipt of mails and postsOOOO
Call Management Service
– Provide a dedicated fax numberOOO
– Provide a dedicated phone numberOO
– Response phone with your company name and message takingOO
– Response incoming call and redirect to designated local phone number during office hour. (Redirect to Overseas Phone number will be charged IDD fee at cost)O
* e-Fax with email notificationO


Value-Added Options

We also offering the following value-added service for the company:-

Post Mail RedirectingRedirect standard letters to another Hong Kong or overseas address. Courier fees will be charged at cost with handling fees.
Parcel RedirectingThe small size of a parcel like DHL cantons box may be accepted (i.e. 1-2 boxes) with handling & storage charges. Exact size and number for delivery should be checked with Virtual Office Team in advance.
Call TransferFree of Call Transfer will be provided to Hong Kong Local Number and will be charged at the cost of roaming fees if Call Transfer to the overseas phone number.