Hong Kong VISA Service

To benefit of different industries, about the necessary manpower for social development and business environment, the Government of HKSAR offered various types of Visa for a traveller, student, worker, professional talent and entrepreneurs, etc. which all applications under Immigration Department.

Type of VISA

General Employment Policy (GEP)

The person who has special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the HKSAR, he/she may apply for a work visa under GEP and it is quota-free and non-sector specific. However, the resident of Mainland China and who is the nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Nepal and Vietnam cannot apply for Visa under this policy.

Investment as Entrepreneurs

An application for a visa/entry permit to enter the HKSAR for investment may be favourably considered with the below different scope but it must be no security objection and no known record of serious crime in respect of the applicant.

In addition, it will be considered an applicant’s background included but not limited to education, professional qualification, and experience, etc.

  • Business plan
  • Business turnover
  • Financial Resources
  • Investment Sum
  • Number of Jobs Created Locally
  • Introduction of New Technology or Skills (if applicable)

Under this type of Visa, welcome the applicant who would like to establish or join a start-up business. The Immigration Department will also consider the application and concerned if the business supported by Government-backed programs.

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES)

Regarding Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, it will be considered the application if the applicant is absolutely to hold more than HK$10 million in permissible investment asset classes as detailed in “Permissible Investment Asset Classes” and entitled throughout the two years preceding of the application. He/She has invested within six months before submission or after the granting of approval in principle by the Immigration Department.

Meanwhile, applicant should be able to demonstrate that the capable of supporting and accommodating themselves as well as dependants, if any, on their own without relying on public assistance in Hong Kong.

Dependent Visa

The sponsor, who permit the visa granted by the Immigration Department under the various type of visas, may able to have the application for his/ her family member. The following dependants may apply to join him/her for residence in the HKSAR:

  • his/her spouse
  • the other party to a same-sex civil partnership, same-sex civil union, “same-sex marriage”, opposite-sex civil partnership or opposite-sex civil union entered into by him/her in accordance with the local law in force of the place of celebration and with such status being legally and officially recognized by the local authorities of the place of celebration
  • his/her unmarried dependent child under the age of 18

Extension or Change of VISA

Extension of Stay

Before the 4 weeks of the expiry date, the visa holder should be starting to handle the extension of stay. The application will be considered only if in the satisfied circumstances and current immigration status remain unchanged.

Under the visa of CIES, the entrants or the dependants to be applied the extension of stay within 3 months before expiry. To fulfil the requirements of an extension of stay, the entrants must continue following the rules of the Scheme after granted permission of stay.

Change of Visa Sponsorship

In the common situation, the visa holder to be changed the sponsor when the change of the job no matter the visa has been expired or not. The applicant must be informed and arrange filing documents with the Immigration Department before starting new employment. The procedure will be likely to apply for a new working visa but will be requesting both existing and new employers to provide relevant documents.

In general, the applicant under the same industry or business field will be more easily approve the application.

Change of Visa Status

In the common situation, the applicant may hold the working holiday visa or visitor visa to be changed to a work visa who gets the job in Hong Kong for a long-term basis. The visa holder must file documents and deliver notice to the Immigration Department, whatever the current visa expired or not. Meanwhile, the dependant may involve in this circumstance such as a change to a work visa when getting the job in Hong Kong.

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