Vietnam VISA Service

To legally work or conduct business in Vietnam, foreigners need to have proper visas based on their purposes when they enter the country. The following are the types of business visas that Koreans can obtain in Vietnam.

Vietnam business visa types

In general, there are three types of business visas in Vietnam, which are normally applied for short-term employment and business trips. In case foreigners intend to stay in Vietnam for a long period for business purposes, it is highly suggested obtaining a residence card with a duration of a maximum of 2 years and multiple entries.

DT VisaDT visa is generally applicable to foreign investors of FIC companies, and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam. The duration of DT visa is maximum 5 years.
DN VisaIt is generally applicable to foreigners visiting enterprises for business purposes in Vietnam, such as: obtaining information, discussing cooperation opportunities or signing contracts, … The length of stay is maximum 1 year.
LD VisaLD visa is applicable to employees and workers, who enter Vietnam to work. The duration of this type of visa is a maximum of 2 years. A work permit is required in case one intends to apply for LD visa.
Vietnam work permit

In case foreigners intend to enter Vietnam for employment purpose, a work permit is required.

To obtain a work permit, the following documents will be necessary
  • Application for issuance of a work permit
  • Criminal records (can be issued by the Korean authorities and the Vietnamese embassy)
  • Resume
  • Graduation certificate and career proof (legalization and notarization required)
  • Health check-up result(can be conducted at a hospital in Vietnam)
  • Passport copy
  • 3 photos (2 * 3)
  • Power of attorney (when proceeding to an agency)
LD visa application and issuance process

After obtaining a work permit, foreigners must apply for a work visa, in particular: LD Visa. Please be noted that if they enter with a tourist visa, a foreigner cannot change to LD visa without leaving the country. In the recent year, in order to restrict the illegal immigrants and crack down on the outbreak of infectious diseases, the issuance procedures of work permit and visa are very strict.

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