Hong Kong Company Secretarial Services

  • Application/Renewal for Business Registration
  • Filing of Company’s Annual Return
  • Provision of Company Secretary Service
  • Provision of Register Office Service

  • Bank Account Opening Service
  • Maintenance of Statutory records
  • Arrange Annual General Meetings and Board Meetings to Deal with Relevant Corporate Decisions

  • Share Transfer/Share Allotment
  • Change of Company Name/Adding Branch Business Name

  • Merger and Acquisitions

  • Company Deregistration & Liquidation
  • Restoration of Companies (Struck off / Deregistered)

The Benefits of Having a Company Secretarial Service in Hong Kong

If you are thinking about starting a company in Hong Kong, or if you already have one registered in Hong Kong, then you need a company secretary.

In fact, it’s the law.

Your company secretary must be over the age of 18, and they must be someone other than the sole director. But most importantly, your company secretary must also either reside in Hong Kong or they must be a body corporate having its office registered in Hong Kong with the proper license.

As a business owner, this leaves you two choices. Either you can hire a full time/part time secretary, or you can hire an agency that will provide you with a virtual secretary.

Since a full-time or part-time secretary can be costly, it is common for startups and small businesses to hire their company secretarial services through an agency such as Korchina.

The benefits of using a company secretarial service in Hong Kong are plenty, such as:

  • Lower cost than employing an actual secretary

  • Extensive knowledge and experience when handling your most important documents

  • Timely filing of annual returns and director’s report

  • Relationship with a company that can provide more services for your business (if needed)

  • And more!

FAQs for Company Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

Can I just take the role of secretary myself?

If you are a sole director, it is actually illegal for you to be the secretary as well. Hong Kong law mandates that the secretary is over the age of 18, and ordinarily resides in HK.

Can I give the role of secretary to one of my employees?

If your employees live in Hong Kong and are over the age of 18, then yes.

But we recommend making sure that they have previous secretarial experience in Hong Kong.

This is because the secretarial role is actually quite important as they have to deal with government regulatory bodies (such as the Companies Registry).

If you hire or appoint a secretary who is inexperienced with Hong Kong secretarial work, you risk being out of compliance with Hong Kong regulations.

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