Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Singapore

Singapore Accounting Firms and Auditing Services

Boasting years of accounting experience and intricate knowledge of Singapore tax laws, we provide our clients with professional accounting, auditing, and taxation services.

Accountancy Services in Singapore

Maintaining tax compliance through quality bookkeeping services is extremely important in Singapore. It is the Company Director’s responsibility to maintain proper accounting records.

This is why we always encourage outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting in Singapore to an experienced agency.

By outsourcing your accounting to a service provider, your business or organization will be able to reduce its overhead costs with a peace of mind knowing that the relevant accounting records are being kept by a professional.

Here at Korchina, we offer more than just a simple accounting services in Singapore. Below you can find some of the other professional services we offer:

Pros of outsourcing accounting in Singapore
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly bookkeeping

  • Accounting, including generation of management accounts

  • Preparation of Audit Schedules

  • Liaising with external auditors and tax agents during financial year-end

FAQs for Singapore Accounting and Auditing Services

Do I NEED to outsource my accounting services in Singapore?

No, you can do your accounting in-house. However, bookkeeping in-house can be costly and can put you at risk for breaking tax regulations and laws.

That’s why we always recommend setting up your business for success by engaging a professional agency.

In Singapore do I need to combine secretary services with an accounting firm?

No, you do not need to combine your accounting and secretarial services, but it is typically seen as the best way to run a business, which is why we offer both services under one roof.

By combining these services into one you can improve the efficiency of your company by keeping all of your paperwork-related needs under the same roof.

This means that when you get important letters from the government, the accounting firm will receive and advise you for the best course of action.

This is especially vital when important documents are sent to you, such as the Business Registration Renewal Demand Note and tax letters like Employer’s Return or the Profits Tax Return.

How do I get started with an accounting service?

If you are ready to outsource your secretarial and accounting, or are just looking for a bookkeeping company in Singapore then call us now to hire accountancy services in Singapore.

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